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How much teaching vs. free skiing?

Let us face it, lessons are expensive. But with the benefits of solid teaching, a child will progress a lot faster, and have a lot more fun. And his parents or family will be able to ski with her/him in more exciting terrain.

The most effective way to learn is through a daily mix of teaching and practicing.

Ideally, one would take a private half day lesson, perhaps shared with siblings or friends followed by another half day of on mountain practice - or fun with the family - then repeat the next day!

Alternatively, Park City Kids Mountain School now offers the Signature Program where students are guaranteed a low instructor to students ratio (5 students to 1 instructorfor 6 to 14 years old classes, and 3 students to 1 instructor for 3 to 5 years old classes).

There are also a variety of other programs, from 1-hour to full-day private lessons, and several group workshops.

You can request a specific instructor, however, only for the full days and half day private lessons. For information, you can call the reservation line (1-800-227-2754) or you can try my number if you want to know if/when I am available: (435) 487-9112.

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